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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 12

Episode 12


The sand the song titled “I need you by one foreign Christian artist like that… We were required to hold hands as we sang the song… Lucky me. Girls were all around me 😉..

Still the reason for me coming to church wasn’t fulfilled yet…

Finally they made an announcement and I smiled… What was that announcement?

“Jay you come church today?” someone said behind me..

Who did?


Alright I know the last episode was a little bit somehow and I’m sorry bout that..

Yeah, the service had ended and umm… I still haven’t given the proper description of the Redeemed Christian Fellowship, RCF… Ikole Chapter..

Honestly the church wasn’t looking like what I expected at all… Almighty RCF, I expected the church /student fellowship to be very beautiful but mehn I was so disappointed.. Just a building held by wooden pillars.. Then some tarplolins were used serve as the walls of the building…

The choir seat was by the right side of the altar , while the ministers aka excos were sitted at the left hand side of the altar…..

Yeah service was over, then some lady like that went to the pulpit and said “If you will like to join the work force of this church please see me now”

That was when I smiled..

“If I go join workers for church at least cultist no go disturb me again” I though to my self..

“Jay you come church today?”

 I turned around to see who talked and lo and behold… It was Ayo, the guy that his dad carried me to school on my first day in school… If you can’t remember.. Check out Jay the Fuoye Fresher season 2 episode 1 & 2.

“Ay,ma guy” I said smiling as we shook each other..

We discussed for a while about school before we finally went our different ways..

I went to meet the lady who told those who want to join the workers to meet her, she took down my name and told me that the first lectures will be on Saturday by 7am.

“wow, cool” I said to myself..

Mind you, Matriculation was that Friday.. The stupid me forgot Sha..

I got home totally tired and exhausted… I slept off immediately… I don’t know why Sundays are always like that… Going to church can be exhausting you know..

Monday came suddenly… I don’t know why weekends don’t last long… 😭.

But Mondays wasn’t even the problem… We don’t have lectures till 3 remember?

Nothing special really happened until Tuesday after chm 101 class.. Me and my guys were gisting at home when one of our neighbors who goes by the name Opeyemi came inside..

Now I think I’ve not mentioned this guy since abi… Asides, sis flaky, the other final year student in my compound, meedo, Mr Kay, moola, Taye and Agidi.. There’s another member of that compound I haven’t talked about..

Opeyemi commonly called brother ope or Opeee was one person I hated so much… First and foremost he talks too much.. Secondly, he doesn’t talk to the guys in the compound… He talks only to sis flaky the only girl in our compound…

Opee was a direct entry student, so he was in 200 level..

The gate opened and Opee came inside, but he was on a call.., 

“Yes ma, Mummy mi o ni le wa le o(mummy I won’t be able to come home o)”

“tori matric to wa lojo Friday (because of the matric that is to hold on Friday)”..

The moment he said those words it clicked…. “There is matric on Friday oo!” Agidi said.

“and freshers night” I added..

If I go for matric and then freshers night on Friday… How will I make it to Ikole by 7am and go for lectures for workers in training in church?

Somebody please advice Jay… What should Jay do?

Watch out for Jay the FUOYE Fresher season 2 episode 13


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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