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Friends In Love Episode 5

Friends in Love

Episode 5
‘Oh my God! ‘
‘what’s wrong’ Jummy said looking puzzled
‘Strike again! 1 month to my birthday’
‘It’s a lie!’
Tolu came into the hostel with her eyes red as a result of incessant tears…..
Sorry let me gist u…
In the premier university there is a group of girls called “The Lush Gals”
One of the hottest girls on campus, they are five in number, Jummy,Julliet,Aminat,Ifeoma and Tolu. They are all from wealthy families but u know na, wealth get levels.They live in the same compound, just five of them…..
Back to where we stopped…..Tolu came into the hostel with her eyes red as a result of incessant tears…..
‘Babe are you okay?’ Ifeoma, one of the five asked
‘I found him bleeping another lady’ Tolu said bursting into tears
‘After all I sacrificed for him, I…..’
‘Shut up’ Jummy shouted angrily making everyone stare at her
‘I told you all guys are idiots,you didn’t believe, stupid humans who are controlled by their small, black and ugly stuffs called dicks. All they….’
‘It’s okay’ Julliet said trying to calm her down
‘My boyfriend isn’t an idiot O! And he has never tried to f**k me’ Aminat said, trying to defend her boyfriend
‘It will shock you’ Jummy said, this time smiling
‘Ifeoma u no go talk, how that your boyfriend na’
The remaining four girls started laughing including Tolu
‘You guys should stop it please’
******. *
Why are they laughing??
Some months back……..
Ifeoma came home smiling with joy clearly written over her face..
Was she in love?
The guy was so cute mehn! She was intoxicated by love or I guess she was hypnotized….
The guy she fell in love with ended up scamming her, she even sold her car for him..
Shortly after that, he disappeared with no single trace of him
‘That time I told you, he was messing with you!’
‘You didn’t believe me’
‘Julliet stop it please’ Ifeoma shouted and walked from their midst
‘Boys are bastards!’
‘Except my boo,Jummy’ Aminat said smiling as she walked away from their midst
The strike this time around wasn’t a rumour like the first one.The NASU(Non-academic Staff Union) had gone really angry this time.
They carried sticks and started chasing students out of their halls.
The gates were closed and the once lively school became quiet… not so quiet because some people didn’t go home.
Many students went home, most especially those who live in Ibadan.
Julliet went home to meet her Dad. Her mum died some years back… not like she knew. It was a story she was told.
Jumoke on the other hand lives with her mum,a divorcee.. Her stupid father eloped with a younger lady.
They both live in Bodija, Ibadan.
As usual, you know the way rich kids behave, they went out to Ventura mall and they decided to visit the gaming session.
Then an unwanted friend came…..
A well built handsome young guy walked up to them..
‘Hi ladies’ He said flashing his set of white teeth
They didn’t respond so he pushed further
‘You are the first set of girls I’ll see playing soccer so well’
No response!
‘Alright ladies let’s make a deal, let us play together if you beat me I’ll hand over my car key, If I win I will take you guys out’
‘What car do you use?’ Jummy said shifting are direction towards him
‘I use a Murano’ He said smiling
Julliet looked at her friend with that ‘this gal will put me in trouble’ look.
Julliet stood up from where she sat and motioned the guy to seat.
Jummy vs The unwanted friend
Jummy chose Real Madrid while the other guy chose Barcelona, they were playing fifa 18.
The match was tough, it was obvious that they were both good.
The guy was already smiling until…
The ball hit the keeper’s hand and went outside then Bale played the corner kick, the ball swirled and CR7 jumped up………..
Anticipate Episode 6
Who is your best character so far?

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