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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 9

…..continued from last episode….

I didnt enter through the main entrance,I entered through the left and there I saw Lade standing and looking around like she was lost.

Then I walked over………


“Omolademi”I whispered from her back

Then she turned around…..mehn you know those love movies on tv where a guy meets a beautiful lady and their eyes meet and she starts to smile…then air begins to blow her hair…

A punch on my shoulder brought me back to reality 

“Nonsense boy where have you been since?”

“Dont be angry jare..I was doing this eye test stuff”


“Go and meet those people selling the medical receipt na”I told her pointing towards them

“Jay…all these people on the queue will just kill me” she said smiling..

Yeah,I took my time to look at her carefully this time….Abeg dis girl fine…Gawd!…Am I not a lucky man..?

“Lade,I dey ur back  maforr” I said smiling and reassuring her..

“Okay oo, big head” she finally said

She walked right there and they attended to her immediately,she turned back to me smiling …then I signalled to her that I was coming back..

I started running…Shey they won’t have finished attending to my guys like this..

I got there and…..they were still on the same spot…

“Guys afa na….are they delivering baby inside ni?why are you still here since?”

“ptff,we that we have finished ,we’ve been waiting for you..”

“God oo,see wetin Lade do me oo”I said cursing under my breath

“So na woman the werey go meet” Ay and my new friend started laughing

“Guys,ko funny(Guys,it isn’t funny)” I said making a serious face

“Alaye we still dey line oo” they added laughing even harder…

Swears,I felt like punching those guys right in the face..

“see ehn,you can join the line or go and meet your babe…shebi na wetin dem send you come do for school be dat”Ay added making everyone laugh even harder.

“Jay!”A familiar voice called me

“Whatsup” I said smiling

“I’m sha done o nonsense boy”

“Which one is my name bayii, nonsense boy or big head?” I asked smiling making her laugh too.

Lade walked up to me on the line showing me her medical receipt….I then explained the whole medical process to her….as we were talking…one guy tried to talk to her….if you saw how she shunned him….oh Jesus,you’ll pity him…I finally walked with her to the xray centre and we parted ways..

When I got back to the queue,the line had moved… in a space of few minutes my guys were almost at the front…I later got to know that the people inspecting the eye were eating before …and we were standing outside under the sun….

When I got to where my guys were, they looked at me like I wasn’t me anymore…

“Guy,your babe makes sense die” Ay said

“Aje” my new friend added

“Abegii”I said as I joined the line…

You can’t imagine the way I felt at that moment…”LADE is the real deal mehn..”I said to myself

Inside the place where the eye inspection was taken looked like a kindergaten class…Alphabets,smaller and lower cases where all over the place..

Then they told me to stand some where ,then close my left eye with my left hand and call out the alphabets on the board…I did the same for the right too..

Then the collected one paper from my hand(when medical regitration starts,they will give you a paper like an A4 paper where you attach a passport to….They record your details on that paper too…..

So after they collected the paper, all they did was write 6/6 with a red pen..

I walked out angry,after all the stress of closing my eye and calling out alphabets like kids in kindergarten…all they did was write 6/6?

Next thing left was getting my medical certificate….biggest stress of all….

Nothing special happened in school sha until the day I finally got the opportunity to meet the doctor and get my medical certificate ..

That day I was back at Oye with Ay ,we walked down to the medical centre…and mehn….

“Oye get girls gan oo..shey I no go do chnage of course laikdis”I said smiling 

“The Ikole girls wey dey,which one you don toast?”Ay said dropping that mad savage…

Ay ran away after he said what he said and I chased him…

“Ay stop abeg” I said laughing and panting

“Shey I  no go stop before ni..I don reach where I dey go” he said laughing

I finally caught up with him, only to meet a large number of people waiting to see the doctor …

Those waiting to see the doctor sat on a slab waiting patiently for them to be called cos we were all given a tally(like a paper with a number written on it).

I sat there for like 2 hours …I was tired until I heard the voice of a familiar female voice..

“Nonsense boy”

I stood up and saw Lade…

“Whatsup” I said

“You can’t even ask after me all these days ehn Jay”

“Ma binu jhor(don’t be angry please)” I said

“You came to see the doctor?” I asked

“Yes ooo” she replied

“Hope you came with passports sha,cos we will open another file here o”

“File ke?”I asked confused

“Yes na” she said

“Mehn,I gats go snap passport be dat” I said and turned around only to see HER standing beside us

“Is he your boyfriend? ” SHE asked..

who asked that question?Watch out for Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 10


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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