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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 19

 Jay the FUOYE Fresher Episode 19


***continued from last episode ***

How will someone not consent this kind thing 😢 

Have you ever been in trouble before? That’s the time you’ll remember God.. 

Will Jay join the set of cultists? 

Are they even cultists? 

Pray For Jay!! 😢


“Wake up!” I jumped off the bed I was sleeping on as I heard the scary voice..

I mean, the voice scared the shit out of me, I could almost feel urine sipping out of my “John Thomas” quietly..

After receiving two slaps… My eyes became clear… I mean those hands were as rough as the skin of a Lizard… Chill… Have you ever felt the skin of a lizard before? If you have, you’ll understand what I’m saying right now.. 

It was really cold and really dark, except for the light coming from the firewood in the middle of….. 

O my goodness!!! 

Ho! Shit! 

😢 💔 

In the middle of 😢…. 

“Welcome to the club, Jay” a voice said.. 

I turned around only to see my friend Segun aka Shege/Shenge.. 

He was sitting on some sort of throne.. (Just like the ones they show inthose nollywood cultist movies) 

We were in some kind of Bush in the middle of nowhere.. 

We were surrounded by mountains (One thing you should know about Oye and Ikole is.. There are so many mountains around) 

“Segun” I screamed.. 

“Shut up!” the gang members shouted in unison.. 

At this moment I was starting to feel feaces forcing its way through my butt.. I shook like a leaf controlled by the wind… 

I felt like a fool, I was literally praying for the ground to open up and swallow me.. 

I was gasping for breath, it was like.. I was running out of oxygen..with every turn I made I felt weaker and weaker in my bones… 

Tears crawled down my cheek… And I swear to y’all.. I didn’t know what to do.. 

I looked at their faces…and umm they were the same guys that came to visit Shege… and he was… He was…. O my God….. This can’t be real… 

He was their leader mehn ! 

I should’ve known! 

I should have gone home… 

Who’s gon save me? 

They began chanting in really weird tones… 

“Uhmm Uhmm Uhm” the exact tone sounded similar to that… 

The truth is.. I didn’t even know if they were humming or chanting incantations.. 

Aswear to God I just didn’t believe shits like that still happened… 

I thought its just something those movies use to scared feeble minds.. 

(Back then as a kid, whenever they get to scenes like this… I always ran to hide…) There was no where to hide this time around.. 

The shit was actually happening.. 

“Forgiveness is a sin” 

“Forgiveness is a taboo” 


I remember those lines… 

I’ve watched this in a movie before mehn… 

“Yes!…” Destiny for Sale “… This is a godamn movie.. 

(Destiny for sale is a christian movie I watched as a kid, it talked about a guy with a bright future who joined the cult after entering into the University

Something isn’t right… 

I pinched my self to be sure it was real… Then a soft hand touched me.. 

” Jay the red card ” a voice said.. 

But this voice was a female voice… I mean a familiar female voice 

It was Ewa

“Yes” I replied looking straight in her eyes…(I knew there was no turning back this time around… The hatred I had for her only grew…but when I looked into eyes… It was emotionless.. ) 

“Stretch forth your arm” She said bringing out a pen knife as she held a bowl on her other hand.. 

Suddenly something stupid came to mind… I think they should just kill me…. I can’t be a cultist not with Ewa… 

“No” I said looking at her firmly 

“Jay, do you want to die” Segun said from where he sat 

“I shall not die….” 

They all began to laugh… I mean they laughed so hard… I almost thought they staged the whole thing.. 

They began moving in circles and they surrounded me… 

Somebody help me!!! … 




(You think I’m going to end this episode here right?.. Are you tensed right now… Mehn I love this 😂) 

My whole body shook with so much intensity.. Mehn movies don’t show us the real thing… I felt like a stone was thrown from heaven down to earth and it hit me.. 

I held my chest like I was expecting the bullet to suddenly come out.. 

Blood gushed out like zobo.. I held on to my chest.. 

No I’m not gon die.. 

No not now 



I could faintly hear someone call me… It sounded really far away 

“God is that you?” I said as I closed my eyes gently… A sense of peace I never imagined overwhelmed my soul.. 

It took one hit on my elbow to jack me back to reality.. 

(😂 Did you see that coming, 😂 I love to wow my readers 😉…) 

“Good Morning Jay” 

I stood up dawdling.. I stretched a littled and cleared my eyes.. 

Mehn that shit felt real! I mean it was so real.. 

I cleared my eyes only to see.. 

Only to see the same guys I saw in the dream.. They all watched me like I was starring in a movie.. 

Shit! They were wearing the same clothes they wore in the dream.. 

“Jay, that babe you said shenked you…” 

“What’s her name again?”, Shege asked 


Are you thinking what I’m thinking? 

Watch out for Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 20

Pls drop your comments and share… 

Jay the Fuoye Fresher


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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