FUOYE Building Photo and Pictures of Some Important Places In FUOYE

Fuoye Buildings Pictures 

Is Fuoye beautiful? 

How can I see Fuoye building Photos? Well I created this post about Fuoye building pictures majorly for that. By now you should know that Fuoye is a multi campus school… Check out :History, Facts and Everything You Should Know About Fuoye
If you are reading this post there are two things involved Its either you are an aspirant or a fuoye fresher. Make sure you read : Jay the Fuoye Fresher (Written by me based on my life as a fresher) 

Fuoye school gate(Oye campus) 

Fuoye main auditorium (Oye campus) 

Fuoye main campus road

Fuoye Worksop Laboratory (Ikole Campus) 

Fuoye Administrative Block (Oye Campus) 

Faculty of Law (Oye Campus) 

Fuoye Buildings Photo (Main campus) 

Road to school gate(Fuoye Ikole Campus) 

Main Auditorium (Oye campus) 

Fuoye Buildings Photo (The proposed Fuoye Football Field) 

Fuoye Hostel (Oye campus) 

You know this post is about Fuoye building pictures.. I’m working on one basically for Fuoye hostel 

Faculty of Agriculture (Fuoye Ikole Campus) 

Medical Centre (Fuoye main campus) 

Fuoye main campus 

Fuoye Ikole Campus students posing beside the make shift classes 

One of the Agric Lecture Theatre (Alt) at Ikole Campus 

They have started moving to a new building.. Pics loading.. 

Fuoye main campus school gate shot by Aro TM.. One bad ass photographer in Fuoye 

Fuoye Buildings Photo 

Physics Laboratory (Ikole Campus) 

More Fuoye Buildings and pictures loading… I’ll take you guys on an excursion 😂 to all the departments in Fuoye. I remain Undergragra your favourite education blogger

 ♥ Undergragra 


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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