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Jay the Fuoye Fresher Season 1 Episode 3

Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode  3: My Little Optimism Crushed

**continued from last episode **

That day I got a new nickname “Red Card”

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As usual I ran off again. ‘I will come very early tomorrow’ I said to myself…. Chai. I wish I knew what was going to happen….. Do you want to know what will happen?.

Yeah its time to let you know….I woke up very early the next morning with a smile on my face, I walked majestically out of my room like a celeb coming out on stage.

As I entered the sitting room, Nepa brought light…. I just went to the kitchen,removed some food and put in the microwave.So far my day was going so well. By 6am I was ready for school, my Uncle’s wife came out as I was going out.

She was shocked!”Jay igba wo lo ji?” she asked.

I smiled a little and said “4o’clock”

“Kilode!” she exclaimed I gave her a little explanation about her the whole medical shit. She then gave me some cash and bade me goodbye. I got to the main road where I do get a bus/cab to oye-ekiti and the place was silent like the grave yard.

I was so scared… I waited for close to twenty minutes before I finally saw a bus going to oye. I got to school few minutes to 7 and guess what?

People were already in school. I hurriedly went to the medical centre .Of course now I know how things were done, I went to write my name down and luckily for me I was now 120.

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“120!” Mehn I was so happy like, there was a ray of hope,  so I will do my blood and urine test today?  I smiled to myself once again.

For over an hour I waited there waiting for the people in charge of the medical to come, but they didn’t.  It was annoying.. Where I sat, I was just staring at the different species of human beings, mhen I saw some really fine ladies. But I dare not make a move,.Once bitten, twice shy.

Thank God for my headset, boredom would have killed me, I was jamming some old school hits when I saw students moving towards the medical centre.

“Good morning students “”Good morning sir” we all replied with enthusiasm, enthusiasm for another day of real stress. My voice personally was filled with hope.

After a few minutes, they collected the papers where we wrote our names.  Then…. Then they brought another list from somewhere else, and they brought up a new rule.

“We will continue from where we stopped on Monday ” One of the men in charge of the medical said. Of course, we flared up, students went wild!

“But today is Wednesday na” I said to myself and grimaced”No o, No o” Students yelled The men realised things went sideways, so they went inside and locked the doors.

After seeing the way things were , I wanted to cry, after all my optimism?  Today just can’t end this way! Then an idea struck.

Watchout for episode 4 of Jay the Fuoye Fresher.

Freshers whatsup now! I understand that feeling ,you feel on top of the world right? Lol ! Trust me I understand perfectly. Well on this post I’ll briefly educate you on how to survive as a fresher.

I know this episode wasn’t interesting, I’ll work harder…

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