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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 16

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 Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 16

**continued from last episode **

We got to minimart and I got something for her, she first declined but later accepted sha.. 

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She told me to get something for my self… “Na I ate before coming this morning” 

“For Food Only” she said smiling.. 

(I’m going to know this babe’s house today I said to myself) 



😢 💔 Let me start crying… 

Do you want to know why Im crying..


At the moment, Pearl and I were really connecting… She was a pearl indeed..

As we walked hand in hand, I was sizing her with my eye(is it bad? 😢)

I begin dey think of things…(Asin things… U grab)

If only I had seen the future…. I won’t have faced what I was about to face 😢

A car just drove past off.. the car was disturbing the school with its low music… Just as the car passed us.. The music stopped.

Ghen Ghen

He reversed and wound down the glass..

“Hello” the guy said (obviously a yahoo boy)

I turned around to see one guy like that oo.. I finally got to know him… (Im still going to revenge 😢)

We had just passed the minimart and we were on the way to the school gate…. Instead of passing through chemistry lab shortcut.. We decided to pass the other road coa the sun was really hot and that road had a lot of tress to protect us from the scorching sun..

“Hello” the guy said again… He was obviously talking to Pearl

“Hi” she replied

“how are you doing?” 

“Im fine sir” 

“You are in 100 level” 

“Yes” she replied smiling 

“is that your boyfriend?” he asked pointing towards me

“No o” she replied smiling ☺

“he’s just walking me to the school gate” she added

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“Come in” he said

“really?” she asked almost laughing

“where do you stay?”

“Asin” she replied

“Come inside, I stay at Isaba.. Asin isn’t far from there”

She ran inside and didn’t look back..

The stupid guy winked at me and drove away 😢

All that happened in the las5 five minutes was like a dream to me…

What just happened will be an awesome comedy skit… Honestly I wanted to cry 😢

My heart bled, I froze like an hen beaten by rain…

“Take heart bro” Mr Kay whispered to my hears

People were watching me sha 😢..

God why?

Red card wasn’t enough… Why this again?

“God is this how they will be shenking me?”

After my guys came around me, they tried to console me… I know they will still laugh at me when we reach our villa…

I turned around using my eye to see those who might have seen the painful occurrence..

I was about to look forward when I saw her..

Who did I see?

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Watch out for Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 17

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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