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The Lost Boyfriend I never had Episode 1(inspired by a true life story)

 The Lost Boyfriend I never had(Inpired by a true life story)

the lost boyfriend i never had

I woke up very early that morning.. By 5am I was up.. That was unlike me… Im an heavy sleeper 😂 . My eyes wandered through out my spacious bedroom… Why on earth was I awake that early? I tried to force my self to sleep… It just didn’t work.. I tried cuddling my teddy bear a little tighter.. I jumped off the bed frustrated..

Guys? Why do you think Im up so early?

😂 Im finally in senior school 😂.. Im gon stop putting on those annoying pinafores.. It’s time to dress like a big girl.. It wasn’t just that… I just had a feeling that something big was coming.

Something really big… My then naive and feeble mind just couldn’t thing of something that huge .

Time flew so fast.. All I realised was.. I was in school already..

You know that nostalgic feeling you get after getting to a place you’ve never been to in a while.. I could picture the Principal, Mrs Adeola screaming on the assembly ground 😂… GOD! We have frustrated that woman in her life 😂 

The dry air blew dust off the floor and made a beautiful work of art.. The harmattan season was fast approaching.. You know the weather gets kind of dry and that gives us that liberty to wear lip stick to school 😂.. Those senior boys are in trouble 😉

I walked into the classroom and all I could see was dust..”. OMG who’s gon clean this shit up”.. I muttered silently… Why was I in school so early? 😔

“IJ” someone called from behind… I turned around to see my closest friend from Jss1..

Ho! Shit!!

Guys please forgive me…. Don’t mind my manners..

What’sup people… I’m Ijeoma but most people prefer to call me” IJ”.. I’m a small girl oo 😂.

Im kind of fair skinned.. I have those pink lips you’ll love 😉.. I’m not that pretty compared to some chics in my set.. God! If you see these girls ehn.. I’m not even among the prettiest girls in my set..So I honestly can call my self any guy’s dream.. Its not like self condemnation but I look at myself in the mirror every goddammn day.. and I wonder where some girls get their beauty fron . But what these guys saw in me is what I don’t just get…Guys fighting over me? 😂 😂 It’s too funny to be true.. I honestly didn’t see that coming..

Well that’s my main reason for writing this story..Grab your popcorn, sit down and enjoy 😉 

It was around 2nd period when I began to hear about some new guy in Ss2 and all the girls were talking about him… Wetin Kuku concern me.. I forgot to add… Im a principled lady 😉… All these boyfriend shit.. Just none of my business…. I have close friends who are guys… So what on earth do I need a boyfriend for?

Most of the guys I’ve met are a far cry from the kind of guy I like.. He has to be intelligent, black and cute (yea I love black guys a lot.. I don’t just believe because you are fair that makes you look good), I love guys with pink lips… I mean the very obvious one… Asin very pink ooo 😂 He has to respect his mum.. Just by the way he’ll talk to his mum I can tell how he’ll talk to me.. And Yes he has to be God-fearing.. (😂 I’m serious… I know I’m not that much of a good girl so I need a guy who’ll keep me on check).. 

I was doing my normal business when those nonsense girls surrounded my table… Girls and amebo 😂.. 

“IJ I have seen your type” Flora said smiling (She is the lady I called my best bud.. You remember her right?) 

“See leeme o” I replied with that baby’s voice…. You know we ladies do now.. 

Then they began to talk oo, he’s cute.. He’s black etc.. 

Before I knew it these yeye girls started dragging me oo.. Asin they dragged me feom Ss1 block to Ss2 block.. 

“You girls should better not try something stupid oo” I said as these girls dragged me

Next thing I knew was they pushed me and I hit someone.. 

“Chai I’m in trouble” I muttered silently… 

I looked towards the back and all my so called friends had disappeared.. Human being 😢 

He turned around slowly and… 

God!! If you see this guy??? 

Watch out for episode 2 of the lost boyfriend I never had 

How was it? Drop your comments please 

Written by Undergragra/Ace


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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2 years ago

Still expecting the next episode

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