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Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 11


Tolani’s point of view…

I couldn’t believe my eyes with what I just read, upon all her sexcapades, it really none of my business the one that concern me most is my boyfriend that she almost slept with, I will make sure she pay for this cos she has really overstepped her boundary, but why didn’t she sleep with Noah? Let me read further to find out….

Ruth’s Diary

I got home that evening, I was so restless

and uncomfortable, I began to walk to and

fro inside the room and flashing back to all

what transpired between Noah and  I.

“Can this be true?”

“Should I Fuck noah?”

“Or is Noah trying to set me up ?”

” Is Noah trying to cause trouble?”

“Can Noah really do something of such with me?”

I thought over and over about everything

and couldn’t figure out how to approach

and handle the situation.

That evening Jason called me to come over to his hostel in Ado Ekiti, I told Tolani that I’m going to my fiance church for a vigil.. When I got to Jason’s hostel he was so happy to see me, I went to the kitchen and prepared Jason’s favorite yam porridge, after eating we both went to the bathroom to take our bath.

I opened the shower, I

bath first while he follows.I turned my

back to him, so he could

see the clear view of my a$$. He moved closer,

stood at my back and held my bosoms from behind. I moaned oouchhh. He continue squeezing and pressing while the

shower was dropping

on us. Still backing me, he moved his hands down  my abdomen, this time, i moan faster, i

turned to him, kissed him passionately while taking his hand downvto his erected d–k.

Our body was close that I could feel my Tip

pin touching him. He held my a$$ and start pressing and spanking.

He kissed me down to my neck while stroking his d–k, i kissed down to his small Tips. This time he started moaning too.

He moved his mouth to his abdomen, until i finally knelt down before him and bury his d–k inside my mouth. Ooooo, yeah

babyyyy oooouch. He started making sound and I suck faster and deeper. After 5mins, i stood up and kissed him. I sucked him dick so fast, licking his balls

and stroking his cock that was made sloppy

from my spit and gave him a fast handjob

and carefully suck one ball after the other,

making sure I gave him the best I could

offer, he began to jerk fast! I knew he was

about to cum but that didn’t deter me, as I

sucked harder and he tried to push my

mouth off when he was about to cum, I

grabbed him from his buttocks and

swallowed his dick deeper into my mouth

and his cum ran straight into my throat and

I swallowed it.

In frantic efforts to get that dick inside me,

acting like I was possessed by the goddess

of karma sutra, I pushed him from where he was facing , turned my back facing him, I used

my hand to hold his dick as I inserted it into

my pussy and began to whine my waist in

circles as he grabbed my breast from behind and was kissing my back and

neck, I stood up

with his cock still inside me, I began to

pound his dick in slow hard strokes, I would

go up slowly and come down with all the full

force my hips could muster and it will collide

and his balls was seen bouncing up and

down, as he kept jerking from under to

meet my hard strokes when am coming

down heavy on his dick. We later retired and had 2 rounds of hot bleep under the shower..  We came out of the bathroom and cuddled each other till we sleep…

Jason is the love of my life

loving m less is a crime


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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