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Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 9

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“When you know you won’t bleep me then why on earth did you threaten me” I asked furiously

“I’m actually sorry, I haven’t slept with any woman in my life but I like pre_intimacy, I do enjoy the pleasure, Ruth please can you be doing this to me everytime” he said

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“Abi eleyi ti yawere ni, shey u dey mad so no sabi bleep na in u con dey threaten me, shey me I resemble Olusho for your face, ah nah God go punish u for me o” I cursed.

“I’m sorry Ruth, please just name your price I will give you anything you want just be doing this with me once a while” he begged.

“He be like say thunder wan fire you for me, shey I resemble all those Ebina I never chop for your face ni” I shouted

“I know you ain’t a bitch but I’m begging you ” he said

“Listen to me guy, I can buy you and the whole of your properties, ain’t a poor girl, and for your information I don’t bleep for money, I bleep at my wish no be say I dey suffer ” I said.

“OK please Ruth can we do this some other times,  I love you ruth” he begged

Immediately the ugly side of him came out and I hated myself for having anything with him in d first place..

“Listen Franklin or whatsoever you call yourself, whatever that transpired between us was an accident, forget you know me and I will forget you exist ” I said angrily as I walked towards the door he came after me and held my waist I got angry and gave him a slap, he held his cheek and I wanted to leave the room but I felt guilty and hugged him to tell him am sorry, he reciprocated and held my hand as he pulled me back

towards him. We stared at each other’s


and our heads were moving closer again till

our lips found each other and we kissed

passionately. No resistance again and the


was super romantic than the previous one,

“chai, Frank was so good at kissing”, he


sucking my upper lips and lower lips

simultaneously and also pulling and turning

my tongue with his. During the kiss, he


around and made my back to face the table.he

pushed my back a little bit and made me sit

on the table while he was standing and facing

Me . His hands was moving downwards from my

head down to my neck then to my cleavage.

I was drowning in sexual fantasy.

He moved up his right hand and placed it on

My bra and dipped his hand inside it to

locate my Tip. He tickled it and squeeze at the

same time and I was moaning louder,

“hmmmmmm, oooouhhh, hmmmmmm,


He moved his mouth away from my mouth,

licked me down to my neck and finally


through my cleavage and arrived on my tip He held my laps, raised them up and he was

pumping in and out of my K—y-Cat and

I was moaning at various tunes. I


remove my hands from the door and use it


hold his neck and after a moment, i


return the hand to the door again, I drew

closer to the handle of the door and gave the

chance of deeper penetration.  We

bleeped for about 5 minutes and he cummed

inside  After the Bleep, I was breathing and



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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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