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Friends in Love Episode 12

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Friends in Love

Written by Ace
Episode 12
*continued from the last episode*

Jummy! Tell Julliet that I will kill anyone who comes in between us! The love I have for her Is more than the love a mother hen has for its chicks”
“A word is enough for the wise”
That audio kept playing in Julliet’s head all through the day. It was like a nightmare she wished she could wake up from.
‘Why is he so adamant? Is it by forc?’ she kept thinking….
Dave adjusted his bag while he waited for Dele. His eyes wandered around the beautiful school campus… he thought about his life..God, girls….
‘Dave’ Dele shouted taking him out of his thoughts… 
‘let’s go home bro!’
‘Guy wetin we go chop sef?’ Dave asked squezzing his face
‘Go and call one of your babes make she give you food na’
‘Dele stop am! ‘
The discussion continued until….
‘What da!’ Dele screamed 
One of the window blinds was removed…. 
Dave and Dele ran towards the place and they were shocked!
Someone neatly removed the window blind and put a birthday gift..
‘Happy Birthday Dave’ Dele said smiling
‘Aswear I don forget say today na my birthday’ Dave said scratching his head as he went to open the door.
A birthday card and a birthday cake!
‘who sent this man?’ Dele asked inquisitive
‘I don’t know bro’Dave said scratching his head
‘Probably Julliet’ he finally added
Then the knock came
‘who is there?’
Dave hurried to open the door and signalled to Dele to hide the cake.
‘Hi baby’
‘May I come in?’
‘sure’ Dave said realizing he had been staring at her the whole time.
She walked into the ugly looking room. For a big girl like her, the room was too ugly… but it was her boyfriend’s
‘Jully baby’ Dele said in an ugly yoruba accent
‘Hi Dele’
‘Do you know today is Dave’s birthday?’
‘Are you for real!’She exclaimed 
‘Yes’ Dave said
She ran and jumped on him, pushing him backwards a little.
‘let’s go out c’mon’ She said
‘I’ll foot the bills please’ 
‘still no’
‘Dave please’ she begged again with those alluring eyes he couldn’t resist.
‘Fine’ he finally 
‘meet me at my place by five’ she said hurriedly and stopped
‘or should I come and pick you?’ she added
‘Never mind’
4:45 Same day 
‘Wake up man!’ Dele shouted hitting Dave really hard on his arm
‘Ouch!’ He shrieked
‘It’s almost five!’
‘ I have a feeling today will be bad’ Dave said frowning a little
‘Get up bro!, I’ll follow you, nothing will happen’ Dele said reassuringly
Soon they got dressed and were out on the street.
A very old looking toyota hiace bus sped pass them and reversed ….
Two men came down coming close to Dave and Dele..
Without thinking twice the took to their heels while the two unknown men ran off to the bus and the chase began…
It was already obvious, these guys are after their lives..
They got to a corner and the bus double crossed them…
They were about to run again and one of the men pulled the trigger
‘PO!’ it sounded and the earth shook like a leaf
Who died?
What’s going on?
What do u think?
Watch out for episode 13
I remain Ace

Friends in Love

Please do well to drop a comment if this has really helped you. Thanks❤️

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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