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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 14

Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 14

**continued from last episode **A lady… the voice sounded close by and I was already kind of far from my room and I was on boxers 😢.. “Jay!” she called from behind 
Who is this again 😢? Somebody help me 😢?***

Somebody help me 😢 I turned around and saw her.. “Welcome” I said smiling

 “Jay Jay” she said whining me I wanted to say, what did you bring for us… But I bit my tongue (first impression matters.. You grab) She entered her room shortly after and that’s when I realised how huge that backside was(God 😢 why? This na temptation wey dey lead to confusion oo).

 If you haven’t read previous episodes… You really need to read them.Do you remember the day my dad brought me to school and I met one lady like that??She has resumed oo.

Say Hello to Folakemi, she’s a 500 level Crop Science and Horticulture(Csh) Student…..The rest of that day was un eventful just that my yeye neighbours were gisting about the packages of Folakemi(We started calling her Sis Flaky to respect her)Guys… You remember episode 13 was a Monday lecture right?? .

 I woke up the next morning around 3:30 thanks to my alarm… Mhen I was feeling so sleepy… But I know that if I go back to bed that means I will stand up through out Chm 101 class.

 I jumped off my bed and picked up my bible and said a little prayer (God 😢 I wanted to be good boy sha) As soon as it was 4am, I opened my door(OMG… has anyone told you how cold that place can be? No wonder they call the place Oye… Ikole even felt colder 😢).

 I walked out of my room shaking(at this moment 😢… I felt like going back home).. I started knocking on the doors of my neighbours so we can get ready for school… Aswear! Those guys were vexing me… Especially that Agidi guy… “Alaye fi mi sile(Guy leave me alone)” he said with his tout voice (The yeye guy lives at yaba..LOL no offense to those who stay at Yaba) Taye stood up quickly and greeted me (The guy na OG) (Taye and Agidi are room mates).

 Meedo who was staying in the room closest to mine woke up as I was waking the others. I got to Mr Kay’s room… “Ta lo fe ja lekun yen? (who wants to break the door?)”

 “Guy we are already late to school” I replied Moola didn’t make any sound sef(Moola and Mr Kay are roomies too) They managed to stand up after almost 15 mins.

By that time the water I put on fire was hot… (Did I tell you that we use only 1 bathroom? 😂) By the time I came out of the bathroom, my guys were rushing to get into the bathroom. (mind you.. Everywhere was still so dark at this time) Around 4:55 am …my guys were ready

“Red card” Mr Kay called out as he opened the door of my room.. Guess what? I was eating 😂 (I cannot come and kill my self) On seeing that my guys were ready, I rushed the leftover down my throath and we were set for school in the dark in this super cold weather!!!

 “Wetin be time?” I asked”5am sharp!” Taye replied “Je ka se kia (Let’s hurry)” Taye said as he walked towards the gate. 

None of those idiots could say simple “Thank you” 😢 it hurts doing good at times… I,Mr Kay, Taye, Meedo, Agidi and Moola were on our way to school (I remember the good old days when I rushed to school 😂) .

All my guys put on a hood or a cardigan… But if you see the light cloth I wore ehnn… 😢 I don’t know who said I should disobey my mum and not carry cardigan ooo.

Let me give a little geographical explanation of where I live… I live off the main road that leads to the North, they call my area”Iloka”So basically we were to trek on a federal road to school around 5am.

To the left and right there are thick bushes. I mean forests.. (You know those thick bushes you see when you travel by the road… Now we were trekking on a road just like that by 5am…)The first thing we noticed on the road was cow dungs (shit).

I was the unlucky person to step on it 😂.. (Guys pray for me 😢 😂 hope nothing bad will happed today sha) We finally got to the main express road and the Journey to the school began.

After a few minutes we got to the secretariat (Ikole secreteriat is very close to where I stay) The area opposite the secreteriat is called” Ilotin “After we passed the secreteriat we looked towards the back and saw some people flashing their torches at us.

They started shouting” Hey Hey”After a while these people started running 🏃towards us with speed… (omo you know wetin come my mind? Kidnappers! Ritualists!) Guess what?

We started running too.. (me wey I no sabi run… Omo I ran oo 😂)Who were this people?Guys pray for me 😢 😢

 Find out on episode 15
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Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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