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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season Episode 21

Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 21




**Continued from last episode **


Mchawhy looked at his watch and said.. “120 seconds and I go collect her number”


“Were!” They all chorused hailing him…


He got close to her and she noticed him pretty fast…


She tried to walk away trying to ignore him..


“I mean no harm” he said smiling


She dropped the phone she was pressing and looked up….


Will Mc Haywhy face the same fate Jay Faced?




✔️ Flashback ✔️


Shege was a super good driver, I could tell from the way he held the steering..


😂I can’t drive anything…


This small boy is here driving like a pro..


(If you keep comparing yourself with people better than you, you will keep feeling inferior…. You seem to forget that there are so many people out there who want to be like you…. My point is You Are Unique!)


“So gist me about this babe na” Mchawhy said concerned..


From the way he sounded… I knew that he wanted to do the do 😂


“That babe na ebony queen, her back side be like Olumo rock, her front… Chisos!! Her front na cowbell milk factory”


“Oko mi ti le o(I’m having a hard on)” Dotman said and everyone laughed..


I told them about how shb shenked me and they were just laughing, God saved us we almost had accident at school junction..


Leo got down at school junction, he said he was going to Egbe(that’s opposite school junction).. 


“Leo fe lo do omo fresher yen(Leo wants to bleep that fresher)” Dotman said.. 


“I think say na hin school daughter na” Shege said making everyone laugh really hard.. 


At these moment I was laughing and tears were coming out of my eyes… 


“Can these guys be cultists” I asked myself 


“Iwo ma worry , a ma ba aye Ewa yen je(Don’t worry we will destroy Ewa’s life) ” Dotman said 


“Inside life” I said on hearing that 


“Lati ri deeper life” they all shouted 


The next thing I knew was they started singing Naira Marley’s song… Me sef I joined… 




She dropped the phone she was pressing and looked up… 


“What’s wrong with you guys?” 


“😂 I don’t know, I’m one of the coolest Mcs in Fuoye right now” 


“Really?” She said… I don’t if she was being sarcastic or she was happy…. 


“Will you like to go around the school in my ride?” he said pointing towards the car.. 


He immediately I saw him pointing towards the car… I ran 🏃.. 


Shege and his friends were laughing but I didn’t look back oo.. 


There is no way she will look at the car without seeing me cos I was sitting on the bonnet… 




“I’m sure she abused their destinies” I said to myself on the way back to Shege’s place..


After I ran away 😂, I bumped into one of my child hood friends sha… We talked back and forth.. The day was going so cool… I was beginning to get scared… 😂 Something bad must happen…


Well now its around evening time and I’m waiting to hear the gist of what happened..


“Oh Yeah!… Harder please!!”


I opened the door of Shege’s room and those idiots didn’t notice my presence..


“Una dey watch porn?” I asked to get their attention..


“No na cartoon we dey watch” Mc Haywhy said making everyone smile except for me.. 


“Con watch na” Shege beckoned on me


“When sinners entice you, consent thou not” 


😂 Na wetin come my mind at that moment be that.. 


“Guy I no want make my John Thomas dey disturb me abeg” I replied 


“Idiot, come and watch fess” Mc Haywhy said.. 


I walked towards them and everything I knew about the bible vanished… 


I was about to watch p**n.. 


I looked at what they were watching and I saw something I didn’t expect… 


Guys? What did I see??? 


Watch out for Jay The Fuoye Fresher Episode 22


❤️ Undergragra

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Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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