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Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 6

Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 6

….continued from last episode……..

The chairs which were like a row of benches nailed together with something like some sort of table with it was beautifully arranged around the auditorium…

From where I stood ,I could locate two other entrances into the auditorium asides the entrance in which I came in with.

Someone tapped me from behind…

I turned around and…


I turned around and I didn’t see who tapped me.

I walked towards the front of the auditorium cos I found some old looking guys who definitely must be stalites…

On getting there I got to know that the officials who were to collect payment for the medical receipt won’t be around until the next day.

I turned around and went back to the car,I already found Ay there…

I got hungry and I wanted to go to the nearest tuck shop to get something to eat…I checked my back pocket and…..My wallet was gone….

Now I get,the person I thought tapped me actally took my wallet..I felt this chilly feeling like I just got electrocuted….Thank God it’s not my phone they stole sha..I would have

Initially before we left Ibadan, we had plans to go back to Ibadan that very day…now the shit was definitely impossible.

We finally decided to stay with a relative of Ay in Ado,it was after we got there that I went to my aunt’s place(Do you remember the beginning of season 1 I was at her place)

The road back from Oye was uneventful and the journey was so short and we passed the front of Ekiti State University,EKSU and I really wished EKSU was my school…The gate alone was very attractive .it reminded me of University of Ibadan,UI’s school gate..

I just couldn’t take off the ugly look of FUOYE’s school gate off my mind..

Not long after we left EKSU – Iworoko vicinity we branched to an untarred road and we finally got to our destination.

The house definitely looked new but,it was poorly constructed….no offense to the architect or those who built the house…The house looked like one of those houses were they rushed to complete the construction.

We got down from the car and as we enetered into the sitting room…I was so shocked..

I learnt the lesson,”you don’t judge a book by its cover”..the setting of the sitting room blew my mind…

Like they were waiting for us,the man(Ay’s Uncle)and his wife were already seated in the sitting room. They all exchanged pleasantries and I started looking like a village boy who entered Lagos for the very first time.

When we got to Ado,Daddy Ayo prayed and left us with Ayo and his cousins..

Yeah, the relative I was talking about was actaually Ayo’s Uncle and they already had fully grown kids who were around our agemates.

They had two boys and a girl who was also a fresher but not Fuoye but Eksu.

Mhen,she was another girl carefully created by God, but I dared not look at her the second time. She has two brothers who were older than me

The next morning came suddenly and by 7am,Ay and I were ready..we took off without eating…I swear to God, the pounded yam I hate the previous night still felt fresh in my stomach…chill,why do Ekiti people love pounded yam so much?

We got to school junction by 7 30,that’s when I got to know that the drive from Ado to Oye is just about 30 minutes…

Instead of us to enter bike, we felt that the journey from school junction to school gate was very short…

We started trekking and the road refused to end, as we walked..we began to see freshers like us with their files in their hands on bike passing by us..

We really regretted that decision…The road far like madt…

We finally got to school gate by 8am and mehn…Boiz don dey sweat….

When Ay and I got to school,we thought we will be the first set of people to get to school only for us to a find a crowd already inside the main auditorium…

“Wetin be dis na?”Ay shouted

“e choke” I replied making Ayo and everyone around laugh

“Sup people ,I’m Jay by the way” I said smiling trying to make my first big move….

(E choke wasn’t a slang at that time tho…I just added to make you smile …..I hope you did)

The officials didn’t arrive until around 9:30 am… Then that’s when the pushing started…

After about 2 hours,Ay and I finally paid our N5,OOO for medical fees and got our receipt( by that time Medical fee was still 5k…..)

To cut the long story short, Ay and I wasted one full week , all we did through out the whole week was pay our medical fees..Okay…I think I got my apartment too that week…that will be a story for another

After the one week was wasted, school released memo that resumption date was in January….

Wait first?

How did  I meet Ay ….my course mate?

What happened in Season 2 Episode 1…? What or Who were my neighbhours chasing?

Alright, let’s talk about how I met Ay…

Chill for Jay the FUOYE Fresher Season 2 Episode 7Written by Ace/Undergragra


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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