What Are The Novels Required In JAMB 2024


Novels required for JAMB 2024 haven’t really changed from the one used last year. But if you’re a newbie or you need some clarifications, embarking on the journey of JAMB 2024 requires strategic preparation.

Novels required for JAMB

A crucial component of success lies in understanding the novels specified for Use of English and Literature exams. This guide provides comprehensive insights into the significance of these novels, their themes, and effective study techniques to excel in both sections of the JAMB examinations.

The Life Changer: A Key to Use of English Success

The novel “The Life Changer” by Abubakar J. is a must-study for the Use of English exam. With an emphasis on thorough understanding, students can anticipate between 5 to 15 questions directly derived from this novel, constituting a significant portion of the 60 questions in the Use of English exam.

Literature Novels For JAMB 2024


  • African:
    • Wole Soyinka: The Lion and the Jewel
  • Non-African:
    • John Osborne: Look Back in Anger


  • African:
    • Alex Agyei-Agyir: Unexpected Joy at Dawn
    • Buchi Emecheta: Second Class Citizen
  • Non-African:
    • Emily Bronte: Wuthering Heights


  • African:
    • Leopold Sedar Senghor: Black Woman
    • Niyi Osundare: The Leader and the Led
    • Agostinho Neto: The Grieved
    • Oumar Farouk Sesay: The Song of the Women of my Land
    • Lade Wosornu: Raider of the Treasure Trove
    • Onu Chibuike: A Government Driver on his Retirement
  • Non-African:
    • John Donne: The Good Morrow
    • Maya Angelou: Caged Bird
    • S. Elliot: The Journey of the Magi
    • H Lawrence: Bats

Why The Life Changer Matters

Understanding the significance of “The Life Changer” in the Use of English exam is paramount. With a substantial portion of questions dedicated to this novel, a meticulous study can significantly boost overall performance.

Literary Exploration: Themes and Characters in The Life Changer Novel

Khadija Abubakar Jalli’s “The life changer” explores several narratives of life on campus. The text uses the voice of Ummi to narrate various campus challenges. The narration follows the adventures of Salma and her roommates in the university as they journey through social and academic upheaval.

The life changer explicitly cuts across the changes that follow a person’s life in the university. The university is known to be a mystery to people who have never experienced it. This text shows the need for parental guidance and counselling in a new world where freedom is tied to many complexities such as temptation, lies, distrust, betrayal, bad association, crime, bribery and corruption, abuse of social media etc.

JAMB has announced that you can download a PDF of the complete official novel for the 2024 UTME, The Life Changer, which will now be distributed for free for just this year. According to the board, this decision was made due to the prevailing economic reality; so for 2024 only, an e-copy of the full reading text will be issued and distributed for free to candidates.

Strategies for Effective Study

Mastering the art of studying novels involves adopting effective techniques. Tips and strategies are provided to navigate through the diverse literary landscape presented by the JAMB 2024 syllabus.

Scoring High: Preparation for Literature Questions

Uncover potential question patterns and engage in practice exercises to fortify your preparedness for literature-based queries in the exams.

Realizing Success: Challenges and Solutions

A lot of people get too lazy and depend on practice questions instead of reading the Life Changer Novel.

I’ve personally read it and I can assure you that’s it’s very entertaining and educative.

Beyond Exams: Connecting Literature to Real Life

Reading through the story, you’ll understand a lot of things you’re going to see in the future as you enter this new stage of your life and get into a tertiary institution.



In conclusion, thorough preparation for JAMB 2024 involves a meticulous study of the specified novels. “The Life Changer” holds a key position in the Use of English exam, while the literature novels offer a rich tapestry of themes and narratives for exploration. Engage with these novels with dedication and curiosity to unlock success in the upcoming exams.


  1. Are there additional novels I should study for JAMB 2024 literature exams?
    • The provided novels are comprehensive, but staying updated with any syllabus changes is advisable.
  2. Is it possible to excel in JAMB literature with self-study?
    • Yes, self-study can be effective, but seeking guidance from teachers and participating in discussions enhances understanding.
  3. Can summaries substitute reading the entire novels?
    • Summaries provide an overview, but reading the complete novels is recommended for a comprehensive understanding.
  4. How can I effectively balance preparation for both Use of English and literature exams?
    • Create a study schedule, allocate specific times for each subject, and ensure consistent revision to maintain a balance.
  5. Are there online platforms where I can find discussions on “The Life Changer” and other literature novels?
    • Yes, numerous online forums and groups facilitate discussions on JAMB literature, providing valuable insights and collaborative learning opportunities.


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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