How to pass JAMB examination without reading

Do you want to score over 200 in your UTME without having to read?

My name is Anonymous and by the end of this article you’ll have everything you need to score over 200 on the upcoming. UTME examination.

The first step is for you to take long naps in the afternoons, then at night you stay awake briefing through several topics in all your chosen subjects, you just practice the basics of all topics in the JAMB Syllabus. You make sure you don’t fall asleep doing all that, write down any important points you notice for revision later, watch YouTube videos on any topic you don’t understand or ask for explanations in the comment section.

The second step is to keep in mind that there’s no shortcut to actual success, if you work hard to pass your JAMB, you’ll feel a special sense of fulfillment, all you have to do is to add prayers.

I know I said this is how to pass JAMB without reading, I meant this is a mind orientation article for UTME.

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