StoryVerse Connections

Are you a writer? Do you have interest in writing books and publicizing them?

If so then this is the place for you.
Welcome to StoryVerse Connections , a group created specifically for writers and the readers. This group was designed to give writers the opportunity to get immediate feedback from readers who have passion, and it should aid the issue of getting views/readers. The readers also profit as they’ll basically have unlimited sources to read from, assuming you all share the group link and draw in more members, Writers (maybe not all) will be given the opportunity to post on our official website and in addition to that the Undergragra Community will share your books’ links across all it’s groups, as long you are a verified writer of StoryVerse .

How do you get verified

Verification is easy, first 20 people to DM undergragra with their Name and email will be given access to post on and they’ll each be given a week of writing time to come up with somewhat a short book/episode, and two weeks extra to gather views, the 10 with the highest views will be verified for free. Before we do that we have to get to 100 members so I would like you all to repost the link on all your platforms.
We will also be teaching you how to monetize your books on online platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Please share the link across all your platforms.

Clickhere to join the group.

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