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Diary of a Fuoye SU Babe Episode 13




Tolani’s point of view

I was walking up and down the room like someone who lost something as I don’t know what to do to in revenging on Ruth..

My phone rang and I went to pick it from the bed the caller’s ID displayed got me shouting can you imagine that the devil herself is calling me, reluctantly I picked the call..

RUTH: friendship mii how is you

ME: (Grin, oloshi girl Tani friendship e)  I’m fine o  sweetheart, honey I’ve missed you so much

RUTH: I equally miss you but since you refuse to travel home nko

ME: Sweetheart , house has always been boring, I just pray they open the school very soon

RUTH: But I don’t know if you won’t mind traveling to Lagos and let’s enjoy the break while it lasts.

ME: (Omo see as God answer my heart wishes)  Are you seriously serious baby

RUTH: I’m sure baby

ME : Like when do you want me to come over

RUTH : If you can start coming right now sef

(we both laughed)

ME : Just send me your address and I’ll start coming early tomorrow morning

RUTH :That will be so good cos I want to go to the that new Landmark centre at Oniru with some friends tomorrow

ME : wow I can’t really wait baby..

We both gained for a while and we hugged up.

I thought of what to do to Ruth tomorrow cos I seriously can’t wait to revenge, I remembered having TENI a partner in crime who Also lives in Lagos I picked my phone and called her

ME : Hey Ass Hole

TENI : Dumbass.

ME : Teni see I Don suffer o and I know say na only u fit commot this sufferness for my body.

TENI : you know say I dey always gat your back, Oya make I hear nah wetin dey sup

Me: (I narrated everything to her)

TENI : na wa o d Ruth giran gan o, but u no need to fear Tola, I don’t handle this kind of situation before, Shebi u talk say she invite you to Lagos and all of Una dey Waka go Oniru abi

Me: yes

TENI : nah dat place we go get am o, wetin we go do for am be say dat her boyfriend wey wan marry her no go fit marry am again

ME : humm how is this going to happen

TENI : Wetin we go do be say me I go call my friend wey giran pass me she get one powder like dat wey she dey sell cos her pale nah babalawo, did powder if dey blow am for person face if dd person nah woman she go sleep immediately and if 10 men rape her she no go know and she no remember wetin happen if she wake up..

ME : but I know want make dem rape am o.

TENI : Y u dey talk like mumu nah , wait make I finish wetin I dey talk first

ME : no vex.

TENI : wansa get d powder I go arrange for a girl wey go come meet Una for Oniru she go trick am enter one koro, na there she go con blow am d powder after she don sleep me go come show and I go dey snap am,  dat girl go dey kiss am go dey touch am , we go con look for her boyfriend whatsapp number and send him d pictures we go talk say d girl nah lesbian and who go con marry lesbian for house…

ME : ah oremi ori e ti peju, but how long she go sleep nah

TENI : just 10minutes nah, after dat she go wake up and she no go remember anything wey happen

ME : Chai Teni u too get sense I loff you die

TENI : but d thing be say you go need to come Lagos today so we go plan ahead u know e Don tey wey we see

ME : dat one small nah , d time is just some minutes to 4pm ,I go leave Lagos very soon make I go arrange my loads..

We Gisted for some minutes as I go prepare my things for Lagos


Ace aka Undergragra is a Computer Engineering Graduate at the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher, writer, educational consultant, and educational informant.
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