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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Season 1 Episode 10

Jay The FUOYE Fresher Episode 10

Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 10

****continued from last episode **
I never knew something big was coming..
Rexpect decided to call someone, boom! It was cute lady like that sha..
She walked up to the podium and I was angry 😡..
Can you guess who she is?
The guess is easy..
That stupid girl..
I looked all around and I could clearly see all the guys tripping already..
Lol…even Rexpect was
“What’s your name?” Rexpect asked
“I’m Ewa” she said smiling
Oh! God!!! I hate this girl..
But mehn her voice was so cool.. But this girl is beautiful… I know I’m an idiot.
Rexpect then asked for her number and sent the card to her ASAP, next thing I knew was, everyone started shouting.
Then I saw 3 idiots in my set, Lord Vicky, Milo and Eagle (the 3 idiots surrounded the babe asap and started toasting the babe oo! (😢 and she didnt give them red card 😢)
At that moment I realised I had to be popular, its like she likes popular guys..
After a while, the HODs of all the Engineering department came and gave us some boring speeches, don’t be a cultist Bla Bla Bla…
Then time for relaxation came, one guy who goes by the name “Leo paschal” came up the stage and said ” if you know you can make this whole hall roar with laughter, come out”
Without thinking, I stood up…As usual all eyes were on me…(😂 guys wish me good luck)
I walked up to the stage and Leo paschal said ” a round applause for him”
The clap was so loud, my hands started to shake, I got hold of the mic and..
I started
….then all hell was let loose. I started giving my jokes, the whole auditorium became quiet. As quiet as a church whose Pastor was preaching the most scary topic in the Bible ‘hell and rapture’, and how you’ll burn for all eternity in the lake of fire and brimestone.
My jokes turned to a sad sermon, the only difference was that I wasn’t using a Bible…I kept on talking and talking believing that I’ll will at least hit the jackpot then they’ll laugh, and I’ll use that opportunity to redeem myself and sign out. Forwhere…
Everyone’s eyes was glued to me as though I was some weird creature that just crawled out of the grave or a weird creature unkown to man.My hands were shaking as I grabbed the mic, I was sweating all over, my voice trembled and I began to stammer.
I was wishing that the earth should just open up and swallow me. All the beautiful girls in the dept were just staring at me while I kept fooling myself with the hope that they’ll at least smile.
My HOD and lecturers eyes were all fixed on me, the only person trying to laugh was Rexpect, maybe he just wanted me not to feel bad. Leo paschal was already tired of my shit, but I refused to release the mic, I felt like explaining my jokes over and over again to them so that at least they might giggle in case they didn’t get it the first time.
After trying in vain to hit the jackpot, Leo Paschal told me to give him the mic and go back to my seat.
“Hmm, is there any other person with a better joke”?
Thats when the whole class started laughing
“Mad oo!”
“Red Card!, what can you do in your life na”
I could feel my whole world collapsing, I was trying to impress this Ewa girl and I screwed up again,
“Red card!!”
I ran out of the hall. Mhen the hall became so hot!!
I ran so fast as usual I ran.Run, Jay Run!(only Flash fans will understand this joke tho )

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