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Jay The Fuoye Fresher Season 1 Episode 8

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Jay The FUOYE Fresher Episode 8

Jay the Fuoye Fresher Episode 8

**Continued from last episode **My neighbours woke up around the same time with me..
Let me introduce them
Here we have Kayode aka Mr Kay and the guy who can cook better than any lady I’ve seen Taye.
My other neighbours were yet to resume including that lady I saw the day my dad brought me to school.
I, Mr Kay and Taye got to school by 6 :45, we entered the school like a gang, we walked majestically only to enter the class and guess what?
The wind blew with so much intensity, I bet the whole world was practically shaking. Was it the rate at which the whirl wind scattered the sand by the road side or the continuous clashing of doors and windows against the wall like they were on a battle field or the rate at which the house shook like a leaf making me feel like the house was about to get uprooted.
But.. I wasn’t me!
I wasn’t me?
What shit am I saying right now?
😂 😂 😂
The villain was at it again, “Thanos!”
Yeah the Thanos that snapped his fingers and the whole world changed, he was doing something really terrible and the world needs Jay to save it..
(lemme guess, you are like, what’s this guy writing right?)
I flew out through the window and screamed” Thanos! Reveal yourself “
I didn’t know the son of a bitch was right behind me, he gave me a punch and I passed out, then scarlet witch, started screaming..” Jay wake up! “” Wake up the world needs you”
“Wake up!”
“No na” I said yawning lazily

“Jay will you wake up or you will be late for school!” my mom shouted this time pouring a cup of water on me
“Jesus mom!” I screamed as I jumped off the bed.
“I had the coolest dream ever mom and you ruined it” I mumbled
“You will be late again today!” mom said this time a little more angry
“Brush your teeth, take your bath” she said walking out of the room
“Mom I know what to do” I said arrogantly
“How dare you talk back to me?”
(Well I think you know a little about me now, I’m a heavy sleeper and of course I love watching movies..)
The class was completely filled up by exactly 7 am, at that moment I was so confused… We then decided to hustle for chairs to seat on, after a few mins, Mr Kay and Taye got a seat and I was alone.
I looked all around and I found a seat, I hurriedly walked up to the person seating close to the free space and asked.. “Is someone here?”

“Yes, he just went out” he replied
I was frustrated only to see a complete seat free, on getting there I saw bags on the seat..
I was like “Wtf!, did these guys come to school early to keep space and go back home?”
To cut the long story short, I didn’t get seat again…
Friday I was in school by 6 30! But the situation was even much worse..
Monday came like.. So fast!!
But I only had a class on Mondays and it’s in the afternoon so I skipped it..
Monday night came and I saw on WhatsApp that there was going to be an orientation programme for all Engineering students on Tuesday..
I was happy that I didnt have to wake up early, little did I know that I was going to do something stupid again…
If I knew I won’t have gone oo
Who is ready for episode 9?
Who is your favourite character so far?
Hope you’re enjoying my story?
I remain Ace

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Ace aka Undergragra is a 500 Level Computer Engineering Student in the Federal University Oye-Ekiti. He is a passionate teacher,writer,educational consultant and educational informant.
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